Sanitary Napkins
  • Panty liners, Regular Maxi pads, Maxi Plus pads, Day and Overnight pads
  • Choice of coversheet and absorbent materials
  • Shaped, curved or straight, with or without wings variations
  • Regular and Ultrathin options, with or without inner cuffs
  • A variety of retail bag count options and presentations
  • Brand matching features, absorbency and performance options
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Bladder Control Pads, Maternity Pads and Other Pads
  • Straight, Contour and Shaped variations of pads and guards
  • Maternity pads with and without adhesive
  • Light, Moderate & Heavy absorbency levels
  • Varied lengths and width choices
  • Brand matching specs, quality, performance and bag counts
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  • Cardboard applicator
  • Non-Applicator (digital)
  • Plastic applicator
  • Premium plastic applicator
  • Compact applicator
  • Leading brands matching specs, quality and performance
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Intimate & Cleansing Wipes
  • Customized intimate and cleansing formulations
  • Various wipe materials, weights and wipe dimensions and counts
  • Soft packs, travel packs, sachet (individual wipes) options
  • Brand matching specs and presentations
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