Baby Care Products

We customize product specs, features and packaging to meet the diverse needs of our clientele base.  Our ability to tailor a wide variety of products to specific market requirements, enables our customers to maintain a competitive edge.

Incontinence Care Products

Adult diapers (briefs), protective underwear (pull-ons), underpads, bladder control pads and other related items.  Available in varied product qualities, specifications and packaging, tailored to address specific client's requirements, and effectively compete in demanding market settings.

Feminine Care Products

A comprehensive lineup of sanitary napkins, panty liners, tampons, bladder control pads, maternity pads, cleansing wipes and more.  Competitively priced, available in varied specifications, features and packaging options, customized to meet specific market requirements.

Pre-Moistened Wet Wipes

A broad selection of competitively priced wipes, available in a variety of non-woven materials, customized wipe dimensions, formulations and packaging options, tailored to address detailed product specifications and targeted pricing, for various market segments.

Health & Beauty HBA Products

A wide range of branded and private labeled HBA products, skillfully formulated, packaged and marketed to effectively address the distinctive personal choices and preferences of diverse market segments, and to successfully sell in competitive market settings.

Closeouts & Other Product Categories

In addition to the many innovative, resourceful and profitable product line extension ideas and product opportunities, Tradis Inc. customers also benefit from numerous specials, promotions, closeout & liquidation offers at significantly lower costs when relevant and available.

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