A comprehensive lineup of sanitary napkins, panty liners, tampons, bladder control pads, maternity pads, cleansing wipes and more.  Competitively priced, available in varied specifications, features and packaging options, customized to meet specific market requirements.

Sanitary Napkins
  • Panty liners, Regular Maxi pads, Maxi Plus pads, Day and Overnight pads
  • Choice of coversheet and absorbent materials
  • Shaped, curved or straight, with or without wings variations
  • Regular and Ultrathin options, with or without inner cuffs
  • A variety of retail bag count options and presentations
  • Brand matching features, absorbency and performance options
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Bladder Control Pads, Maternity Pads and Other Pads
  • Straight, Contour and Shaped variations of pads and guards
  • Maternity pads with and without adhesive
  • Light, Moderate & Heavy absorbency levels
  • Varied lengths and width choices
  • Brand matching specs, quality, performance and bag counts
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  • Cardboard applicator
  • Non-Applicator (digital)
  • Plastic applicator
  • Premium plastic applicator
  • Compact applicator
  • Leading brands matching specs, quality and performance
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Intimate & Cleansing Wipes
  • Customized intimate and cleansing formulations
  • Various wipe materials, weights and wipe dimensions and counts
  • Soft packs, travel packs, sachet (individual wipes) options
  • Brand matching specs and presentations
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